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Brand New Broad Magazine
Website Now Live -
New online store let's you purchase issues direct, and download to your laptop or computer.
Yes, you can still read it on your tablet too, but if you are not a fan of the App Store and Google Play, you can now just purchase from us direct and enjoy all the same content and features.
Why digital? I much prefer a printed magazine.
We love print too. That's why we are planning a printed issue, to complement our digital suite.
In the meantime, a digital magazine has many benefits - it's portable, and unlike a blog, does not need an internet connection to be read once its downloaded. And let's face it, is much more easy on the eye.
No endless, scrolling passages of tiny words, and advertising popping up and flashing all over the place like a casino fruit machine.
Issue 03 - Coming Soon
Winter June 2017
Have you finished Issue 02?
+ Linda Jackson
+ Deborah Cheetham
+ Dorrie Jacobson
+ So Fine After 40
+ Andrea Nicholson
And much more inside.
Download yours today.
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